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Australian Diamond Company is a Melbourne diamond engagement ring icon

You can choose from our wide range of breathtakingly beautiful designs, or collaborate with us to make a truly unique custom designed ring. This distinctive advantage means ADC is genuinely different and we provide a true, one of a kind experience, for our customers.



Our collections encompass engagement rings of all styles. Whether you prefer a classical or a more contemporary design, ADC has a extensive selection to suit everyone’s style.




New Showroom

For more than 25 years we have been located in the Bourke Street Mall, we recently moved into a brand new space which has been designed to cater for each stage of your engagement ring purchase. Our spacious new showroom has been carefully thought out to allow customers to browse in a relaxed and comfortable environment.



ADC offers diamonds in all shapes, from the traditional round brilliant cut to our gorgeous romance cut. No matter what your preference, ADC has the shape for you.



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ADC is committed to providing customers high quality jewellery and outstanding service. We take a consultative approach, educating our customers on diamonds so they can make an informed decision about their diamond purchase. That is the ADC difference.






The Australian Diamond Company

Situated in the heart of Bourke Street Mall in Melbourne, the Australian Diamond Company prides
itself in delivering elegant engagement rings of the highest quality. With over 30 years of
experience, the Australian Diamond Company has established itself in the jewellery industry
through sustained professionalism and success. Our wide variety of diamonds, as well as our
competent and helpful staff, provide a personalised experience that allows our customers to
select the perfect diamond. Similarly, our expansive showroom has been carefully thought out
with the intention of guiding our customers through the diamond selection process, in a relaxed
and inviting environment. The Australian Diamond Company is committed to customer
satisfaction and providing a personalised service. ADC continually strives for excellence and
symbolises innovation in the engagement ring industry.

We assist you on getting the perfect ring

Success is synonymous with the Australian Diamond Company. Here at ADC, we value success in
assisting couples symbolise their unique relationship and guiding them in their journey in selecting
the perfect ring. The Australian Diamond Company offers a service our customers can trust. This is
evident through our outstanding achievements in the Annual Bridal Industry Awards, which
highlights the pristine quality and excellence of our products. The Australian Diamond Company’s
personalised services and products are both indications of excellence, these aspects of our company
are the foundation of our success.


Our staff possess a wealth of knowledge and customer service experience. Our staff personify
professionalism, ensuring that you remember your experience with the Australian Diamond Company.
We take the time to understand your idea of the perfect ring, while providing expert
advice to ensure the ring is perfect for you. The staff at ADC make the process of designing the
perfect ring a simple and enjoyable experience.


At ADC, choosing an elegant diamond is an enjoyable experience. After our customers choose
their perfect ring, they will be happy to know that we ensure our customers a three-year
workmanship guarantee with every product they purchase. This includes free repair, ring cleans
and maintenance.

We understand that our customers pride in us being different.  That’s why here at ADC, we have a
variety of products, diamond cuts and shapes.  In the event that we do not offer the shape our
customers want, we will happily source it to cater for their needs.

Our vast collection of products are all standardised by global regulations according to the four C’s;
cut, clarity, carat weight and colour, with every diamond accompanied by a grading certificate.
Aside from the diamonds, our shop also offers a variety of setting options.  Our customers are
given up to seven different settings options to appease their stone preferences, colours or budget.

ADC is proud to showcase a rare stone in Australia called the pink argyle diamond. As the crown
jewel of our products, this Western Australia diamond’s beauty and elegance can be visited with a
complementary viewing in our showroom.

Why us

The Australian Diamond Company continually strives for excellence and customer satisfaction.
This is exemplified through our innovative and personalised services that differentiate us from our
competitors. Our high standards and proven success are the reasons why you should choose the
Australian Diamond Company.